Does the color Orange clash with your decor? Try blue and white pumpkins

Would you wear an orange skirt with a pink shirt?

Probably not.  I always feel sad if I have to get rid of the pink impatiens in the planters on my front porch to make way for the robust colors of fall decorations.  I mean pumpkins are really orange!  Orange mums and rust colors don’t go with the pastels of late blooming summer annuals.  So if you want to mix your summer and fall porch decorations together, or if you want to use pumpkins in your home decor and orange just doesn’t not go – think about white and blue pumpkins!

Who ever heard of a blue pumpkin? 62b54f335132ef0a2688ac6e44d5bbf2

Well they really are grown like that though

I haven’t seen any sold near me.








94ed772e5c78744a6fc13f3399f32a93Cool colors go well together and sometimes

orange and red don’t go with the

serene feel of a monochromatic

or a pastel decor.  Soothing pastel blues,

turquoises and whites and creams really

are available in nature.

But what if you want to try these pumpkins for your own fall decor but can’t find them for sale in your area?  My recommendation – paint the orange ones!  You can spray paint them off white or pale blue.  You can paint the stem or use foil to  cover the stem before painting to keep the natural grey of the “handle”.  You can paint them by hand with acrylic or oil based paints.  (The pumpkin must be totally dry so they should probably be inside overnight).


If you want a less obvious and more soothinge39e2286572fc7faa5bb4eefa639814f

fall decor for the inside of your home go with

these pale blue or off white beauties.

If necessary paint them the perfect color

to coordinate with your room.










The wedding of Meghan Brady and Michael DeVoe.

Monogramming is an easy achievement too.

Either hand paint your initial or word with black craft paint

or buy the letters pre made from a peel off vinyl sticker

that you can buy in crafts stores or on line.  e6bee7b91ef9098ea278bffb3f1e4d42














This fancy design is actually a peel back sticker that can be purchased.


Even if you don’t go for this new look in fall decor these vignettes are pretty to admire:6e3bc21a7f085da0079f67e0390095a8 22300ceef4e51cecf84ad28719d5b0c5 ac7f422b6a081f8fc64672c2ce9255d0 bd3b11fe7957e82358f61f8118b81334 413a9900aaf2cb1f5ef80ef0c488dc75

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