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I am in love with these new Mystique Candles – See the video my sons made of them “burning” in my home!

mystique candlesI have never used the flameless imitation candles with the flickering lights.  The flicker seemed to irritate my eyes.  These newly invented candles by Mystique have a flame that actually moves randomly back and forth like a real lit candle.  The actual candle itself is made of paraffin.  They operate on 2 AA batteries  which last for months and go where no electric cord or fire can go!  They have a timer which can easily be set to automatically come on at the same time each day and go off 5 hours later.


I put them on my breezeway in lanterns and they are coming on at dusk and going off 5 hours later. They look great to see them when I walk in.  I have them in the kitchen and am enjoying them on these cloudy, cold, dreary winter days.  If I run out to the store or to my son’s school I can  just leave them “burning”, no need to worry about fire.  There is no drips or sooty smoke on the wall.


I can’t show it well enough in words or pictures so my sons made this you tube video to show them really “burning ” live.  Thanks Jason and John for making the video!

I have some in stock but you can also order them and Iof mystique candles should be able to get them out to you in about ten days or sooner. The tapers may be slower though.  Right now I am offering free shipping and my cost is lower than anywhere I have seen on the internet.


Go here to buy them.

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