Mystique Taper Candles (Set of 4 ) – Real Moving Flame/ Battery operated/ Auto Timer FREE SHIPPING $24. 75 each

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I am crazy about these flameless candles!  They are nothing like any flame-less candle I have ever seen.  The  flame actually moves – it does not just flicker.  I have never used the other type of LED candles because they did not seem real and the flicker got kind of annoying.  I am carrying them at the lowest price possible.

Ivory 8” Taper 3⁄4”D.x8”H. 

Flameless Candles: Paraffin wax flameless candle with 5 hour timer. Requires 2 AA batteries. Batteries not included. Acetate giftbox.

• The beauty of a real candle, without the worry and risks of an open flame.

• A safe alternative to real candles. No open flame, no hot wax, no smoke, no soot, no worries.

  • Perfectly replicates the random flicker and ambient glow of a traditional burning candle.
  • Made from real wax, this candle is nearly indistinguishable from areal candle.

• 5 Hour Timer Function: when in timer mode, the candle powers on at the time of your choosing for 5 hours, and shuts off for 19 hours. (Mystique Brand.)

• Can be placed where traditional candles cannot, creating endless

decorating possibilities – in floral arrangements, near curtains, on shelving, in children’s bedrooms, near pets.

• Check these candles out in action at on  the video my sons made of the candles “burning” in my home.

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